The George Stories

The George Stories

Christopher Gould

George Martian is a child prodigy on the cusp of greatness. Despite his immense promise, he is deeply conflicted as he weighs the burden of being a child-star with that of having a normal childhood. At an existential crossroad, his life-altering decision to sabotage his chance at greatness has dire consequences not only for him, but his entire family.

As George pulls himself from the wreckage of what remains of his life, he has to reconcile his newfound place in the world against numerous personal demons, all the while dealing with an increasingly challenging family structure.

What follows is a series of turbulent events that run the gamut of both the comic and tragic.

The George Stories explores themes of identity, regret, and the fragility of life But it is most chiefly, the story of a man laid bare.

The George Stories


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